The Pistol Annies' new song "Masterpiece" is a reflection on love in the limelight. Readers can press play above to hear the track, which features Miranda Lambert on lead vocals.

The first verse of "Masterpiece" compares a couple to an artistic masterpiece, "up there on the wall for all to see": "Once you've been framed, you can't get out / Who's brave enough to take it down?" Lambert sings with bandmates Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley on harmony. "Who's fool enough to lose the crown? / We're just another thing they'll all forget about ..."

In the second verse, love is "like a rodeo," where "the longest ride / Makes the crowd go wild" -- but, Lambert sings, "We ain't the cowboys / Honey, we're the clowns." And the third and final verse compares a relationship to a country song: "I tried to stand by my man / We were makin' plans ..."

A beautiful, slow melody accompanies "Masterpiece." Near the end, a lonesome whistle accentuates the lyrics' longing.

"Masterpiece" will appear on the Pistol Annies' forthcoming new album Interstate Gospel. It's one of 14 tracks on the project; thus far, the trio has also shared the songs "Sugar Daddy," "Stop Drop and Roll One," "Interstate Gospel," "Got My Name Changed Back" and "Best Years of My Life."

Pistol Annies will celebrate the release of Interstate Gospel -- which is due out on Nov. 2 and is their first new album since 2013 -- with a trio of shows in Nashville, New York City and Los Angeles. Prior to officially announcing their new record, the Pistol Annies had been teasing new music for months, dropping hints in interviews and on social media, as well as appearing together at some of Lambert's shows.

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