The Pistol Annies are back, y'all! Early Thursday morning (Sept. 27), the country trio dropped their first new music since 2013. The three tracks -- "Interstate Gospel," "Got My Name Changed Back" and "Best Years of My Life" -- are the first songs they've shared from their upcoming third studio album, Interstate Gospel.

Readers can press play above to hear Interstate Gospel's title track. "Jesus is the bread of life / Without him, you're toast," the jaunty track opens. On the chorus, Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley harmonize, "These church towns, they light up these road that I roam / They're leadin' me closer, they're callin' me home / The further I get, the further I go / This interstate gospel is savin' my soul."

"Got My Name Changed Back," meanwhile, is a uptempo romp about divorce. "Got my name changed back," Lambert sings throughout the song, after lines about "spen[ding] a lot of time in court" and "spen[ding] an afternoon at the DMV." Her fellow Annies add a chorus of "Yeah, yeah!"s each time.

The song features a couple of lines that will likely fuel speculation about Lambert's 2015 divorce from Blake Shelton in particular: "Well I've got an ex that I adored, but he got along good with a couple rogue whores," she sings at one point, followed later by "I broke his heart, and I took his money." Readers can press play above to hear the full song.

"Best Years of My Life" is a turn from the other two newly released songs from the Pistol Annies, a sad reflection on how the "best years of your life" sometimes turn out not to be because of choices you made earlier. The song opens with the line "I picked a good day for a recreational Percocet;" readers can press play above to hear it.

The Pistol Annies have been teasing new music for months now, dropping hints in interviews and on social media, as well as appearing together at some of Lambert's recent shows. Lambert's Wednesday night Country Music Hall of Fame residency performance turned out to be a surprise Pistol Annies concert, featuring the three women sharing their old hits and these three new tracks.

Interstate Gospel will be released on Nov. 2. The record contains 14 songs in total.

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