In their song "Hell on Heels," the Pistol Annies sing "Sugar daddy, I'm comin' for you" -- and in their new song "Sugar Daddy," they've found him. Readers can press play above to listen to the brand-new tune.

Co-written by Miranda LambertAshley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, "Sugar Daddy" is a blues-rock-influenced song giving thanks for the (rich) men who love them. "My sugar daddy's got diamonds in his watch / Got a boat on the dock / 'Cause yeah, why not? I'm his lady," the three women harmonize in the first chorus. "Give me some sugar daddy."

Lambert, Monroe and Presley each take a verse of the song, and the words to the chorus change slightly each time around. By the end, it's pretty obvious who's in control in these relationships: "I can call him down from the mountain / After I leave him high on the hog / I'll let him drink from the fountain / And leave him wantin' more like a boss," goes the final verse.

"Sugar Daddy" will appear on the Pistol Annies' forthcoming new album Interstate Gospel. It's one of 14 tracks on the project; thus far, the trio has also shared the songs "Stop Drop and Roll One," "Interstate Gospel," "Got My Name Changed Back" and "Best Years of My Life."

Pistol Annies will celebrate the release of Interstate Gospel -- which is due out on Nov. 2 and is their first new album since 2013 -- with a trio of shows in Nashville, New York City and Los Angeles. Prior to officially announcing their new record, the Pistol Annies had been teasing new music for months, dropping hints in interviews and on social media, as well as appearing together at some of Lambert's shows.

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