Brooks & Dunn are back, and they're better than ever. After formally splitting up in 2010 to work on solo projects, the duo reunited on the stage to perform "My Maria," from their 1996 Borderline album, during the 2015 ACM Awards.

Their performance marked the first time that they sang together since the end of their Farewell Tour. The duo, who last graced the ACM Awards stage in 2010, have not formally announced if they are officially reuniting. But they will at least be together again for several months later this year, when they join Reba McEntire for their Las Vegas residency, Reba, Brooks & Dunn: Together in Vegas, which begins on June 17 at Caesars Palace in The Colosseum.

“What you see is what you get,” McEntire says of the pair. “Ronnie [Dunn]'s the quiet one. Kix [Brooks] is the loud one. They are both so witty, so funny, and they both tell great stories. Ronnie’s really deep, and Kix is balls to the wall. He’s just right there, wide open. I love them to pieces. They’re like my brothers. We go on vacations together.”

While the two men said that the reason for the split was because they had "done all kinds of music you can think of, done every way we could think of doing it for 20 years," they have always maintained there was no animosity between the two.

“Certainly Ronnie and I always considered ourselves brothers more than friends,” Brooks says. “We’ve never been afraid to express our differences of opinions to each other. We just hadn’t swept a lot of stuff under the rug.”

Still, one can hope that their ACM Awards performance and Vegas gig are signs of a future as a duo again.

"I think one of the real rewards for doing this is, not a day goes by where somebody in a very emotional way says, why don’t y’all get back together?” they say. “To be able to go, ‘We are, we’re going to be in Las Vegas next summer,’ it’s a relief to have a decent answer. It’s a soft landing and a soft takeoff.”

Tickets for Reba, Brooks & Dunn: Together in Vegas are available at The Colosseum's website.

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