As Reba McEntire prepares for her upcoming Las Vegas dates with Brooks & Dunn, she recognizes that the shows are a big deal, and she's glad to be able to share the stage with good friends.

"I mean, this is a huge responsibility," she tells the Las Vegas Sun. "It’s a huge building, lots of seats out there. I think it’s a big load off my mind to have these guys with me, and visa versa."

The trio will be performing together at the famed Caesars Palace, and now that they have a deal in place, they've begun building the details of the show.

“We’re working on the show. It is going to be so much fun,” McEntire says. "It will be a production show, a country show packed with No. 1 hits. One of them will wear the red sparkling sequined dress. This is better than cake and ice cream!”

Adds Ronnie Dunn, “We have the gig; now we need the show. It will end up being a perfect storm with total chaos, which is where I live."

The show is set to premiere June 24 and run through Fourth of July weekend, with additional dates scheduled Dec. 2-12, but McEntire says that there may be a chance to extend into a long-term residency.

"We’re still talking about the following year, but I could call it home for 10 or 15 more years," she says. "There’s not a better place to do our show again."

“This is not our last hurrah," she adds. “This isn’t going to be us going off into retirement. None of us are even ever thinking about retiring.”

And for Brooks & Dunn, the pressure is off now. The duo has been hounded by fans hoping for a reunion since they announced their split in 2009, and now they have good news to share.

"Honestly, it’s funny. I think one of the real rewards for doing this is, not a day goes by where somebody in a very emotional way says, why don’t y’all get back together?" they say. "To be able to go, 'We are, we’re going to be in Las Vegas next summer,' it’s a relief to have a decent answer. It’s a soft landing and a soft takeoff."

Ticket information for the upcoming shows can be found here.

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