It's been almost two years since Randy Houser's 'How Country Feels' was released, but thankfully, the wait is almost over for new tunes. The singer-songwriter reveals he is hard at work on his upcoming album, which will hopefully be ready next year.

"We went in probably three weeks ago, and we've been looking for songs and writing songs," Houser tells Broadway's Electric Barnyard. "We cut the first six songs to start the record, and I've been singing on them as much as I can and just trying to get ahead of the game a little bit."

Houser, who has been on the road much of the year, admits it's hard to find time to hit the studio.

"I'm gone most of the time, and when I do get home, the most important thing is spending what time I have with my little boy," the single dad explains. "I know it's going to be a slower process for me this time, so I'm starting it earlier."

Houser, who wrote seven of the 15 songs on 'How Country Feels,' including his current single 'Like a Cowboy,' says he hasn't contributed any songs to the upcoming project so far.

"Out of the first songs, I didn't write any of them. I'm preparing for the time that I bring all my stuff in," he reveals. "I'm really just now getting into that head space to write."

When he does set pen to paper, it's pretty clear that Houser's songs will be clean, void of any questionable lyrics or touchy subject matter, thanks to his two-year-old son West Yantz.

“There’s certain things as a songwriter that I don’t really care to write about, and there are certain things I won’t sing about anymore,” he tells The Boot. “There are just so many things that I probably thought was OK for me, or have been in the past, that I would never want my son to think was OK. You start checking yourself a little bit, and that definitely has affected my songwriting.

"I’m not Mr. Mom," Houser adds, "but there’s just certain things I won’t say anymore.”

Any writing the Mississippi native does now will have to be on his tour bus. He heads to West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland this week. See all of his upcoming shows here.