Randy Houser and his wife have welcomed a new addition to their family! The singer and wife Tatiana took to social media on Wednesday (Oct. 19) to introduce their second child, Harlan "Banks" Houser.

The couple announced the news with photos showing the new family of four spending time outdoors as well as a close-up snap of "baby Banks" fast asleep. Houser and Tatiana say the birth of their second child was an answered prayer and they have been enjoying their time with him before announcing the news.

"9.21.22. Harlan ‘Banks’ Houser," the couple write in a joint post. "Answered prayers and hearts so full. We have spent the past 4 weeks soaking up every minute of family time with baby Banks. Thank you Lord for this sweet boy!!"

Harlan joins their 3-year-old son, Huckleberry Randolph, who was born in 2019. Houser also has a son from his first marriage who was born in 2012. The announcement post was received with well-wishes from fans and fellow country singers alike, including Dustin Lynch and Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne.

Houser spilled the news of his wife's second pregnancy — albeit accidentally — in an interview with TC & Dina B in April of 2022. When asked if his son Huckleberry would be getting a younger sibling, Houser openly responded: "He is, yeah. In October."

He continued, joking, "I put the milk back in the coconut, and here we go."

When chatting with Taste of Country Nights' Evan Paul in July, Houser says he soon came to regret letting the baby news slip.

"I sort of thought the interview was over," Houser shared at the time. "I made a really horrible joke, that was like a complete dad joke. I got quoted on it and then my wife was horrified."

"She wasn't wanting to announce this pregnancy," he explains, "and I kind of thought — it was kind of like at the end of it and we were just kind of chatting and then all of a sudden, boom. So I got my a-- chewed."

Tatiana unofficially confirmed baby Harlan's arrival in a post from earlier this week. She shared photos from a trip to a pumpkin patch with her family, revealing that she went into labor on that day.

"A few weeks ago we squeezed in a family trip to the pumpkin patch while my parents were in town… and while I was in early labor," she writes. "And I wondered why Huck was being so clingy that morning. The best time of year in Nashville!"

Houser and Tatiana were married on May 4, 2016.

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