Randy Houser returned to another era to film the video for his latest single, 'Like a Cowboy.'

Taking inspiration from some of his favorite westerns, such as 'Tombstone' and 'Arizona,' the singer filmed the video in Tucson, Ariz., under the direction of Hollywood director Dustin Rikert, who also directed the Kix Brooks western, 'Ambush at Dark Canyon.' In addition, more than 75 cast members -- including veteran Hollywood actors William Shockley and Tim Murphy, as well as 50 head of cattle -- helped complete the multi-day video shoot.

“I really wanted to give [fans] as much as I could possibly give them for a music video and I feel like this song really lent itself to do something unique and special, something that looks just a little beyond where we’ve been,” Houser explains.

The tunesmith debuted the song, from his 'How Country Feels' album, last month on 'Late Night With David Letterman.'

“[We] wrote it a few years ago,” he explains. “I grew up around the rodeo and around a bunch of cowboys. I always noticed that cowboys traveled. One of my favorite movies of all time was ‘Red Headed Stranger’ and all those old Clint Eastwood movies."

He adds, "You always see the cowboy going home and resting and trying to plant the fields, and make things easier at home. I kind of felt that musicians these days are a lot like an old cowboy. We go out and try to make our living. There’s that picture of someone who has to go out and travel for a living, and comes home to their family, and making it work. That’s what it means to me.”

Download 'How Country Feels' here.