Sometimes, the best songs come at the last minute, as up-and-coming singer/songwriter John King found out while he was recording his not-yet-released debut album.

"I wrote 200 songs last year getting ready for this record," King tells The Boot. "I went kinda crazy with it, I realize that now, but I wanted to make sure we had plenty of songs for this record, that we had the best songs to choose from."

But one track, 'Leanin' My Way,' didn't make the cut until the day before. King didn't write the song himself, but he heard it just in time.

"The Nashville writers are amazing. You hear some songs that just blow you away," he says. "The night before we went in and cut, there was a song I heard ... and I just fell in love with it, and we went in and cut it 18 hours after I heard it."

Perhaps it's a good thing King found the song, because he says he "suck[s] at writing slow songs" himself.

Then again, maybe he's not as bad at it as he thinks.

"I wanted to write one for my fiance," King says of 'Got You Baby,' another song he recorded for the album, "and she's my wife now, so it must be pretty good 'cause I hooked her with it!"

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