John King is a talented emerging country artist with an ear for a good tune and songwriting talent that hasn't gone unnoticed. But there is something he struggles with: writing slow songs.

"I have to try really hard to write slow songs, and a lot of times, the uptempo songs just come naturally," King tells The Boot. "I guess it's just my personality. I mean, I have a lot of energy, and I'm just wide open all the time; it's kind of the way I've always been."

Even though writing slower songs or ballads is tougher for King, he rises to the challenge, honing his skills as a well-rounded singer-songwriter.

"Slow songs kind of require you to slow down and really think, and it's cool because it's a challenge," King explains.

Part of the challenge, King says, is that slow songs are often more personal and require artists to dig deep into the wells of their emotions. For example, "Got You Baby," from King's forthcoming debut album, was written for his now-wife (who was his fiance at the time).

""Got You Baby" was one of those songs where, it was hard for me to write because it's hard to write stuff that's really personal," King reflects. "Sometimes slow songs can be hurtful, too, or they can be deep and just hard to bring stuff out."

The fun-loving King admits that his tendency is to forsake the deep, personal, emotional side and go right into more upbeat, entertaining tunes.

"I'm just like, 'Man, I just wanna have a good time and get up and sing and dance,' and for the most part, that's just who I am," he says, "but it is fun to change pace sometimes and write the slower songs."

King signed to Black River Entertainment in 2013 after the label's vice president of A&R, renowned songwriter and producer Doug Johnson, heard his music. He is currently working on his debut record.

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