It's chilly in Nashville, so cozy up with your favorite country stars and their brand-new tunes! Whether you're staying at home from the "Club" in favor of sweatpants and fuzzy slippers or "Done" with doing anything other than snuggling up with your sweetheart, there's something for everyone this week. Read on! 

Kelsea Ballerini, "Club": 

Kelsea Ballerini gets tired of a hard-partying lifestyle in her breezy new "Club," a mid-tempo jam that weighs the benefits of going out against staying in -- and seems to land in favor of a cozy night at home. "I don't wanna go to the club / I don't wanna watch everybody around me try to hook up / And say stuff they don't mean / And get drunk and cheap," Ballerini sings in the chorus. "So what's wrong with me? / 'Cause I don't wanna go to the club."

"Club" follows the release of Ballerini's newest single, "Homecoming Queen?" The singer has been teasing the release of an as-yet-unannounced new album. -- CL 

Jordan Davis and Julia Michaels, “Cool Anymore”:

Letting your guard down is an amazing feeling, especially when it happens in a happy relationship. Showing your true self to someone you love is what Jordan Davis' latest release, "Cool Anymore," is all about. In the song that also features Julia Michaels, the pair sing about how they don't have to put a front on anymore. Instead of pretending to be cool and by default fake, Davis sings about his girl can feel free to be weird, quirky and how she feels most comfortable. -- CC

Chris Janson, "Done":

Chris Janson enlists his real-life leading lady to join him in the music video for his new single, "Done." Paired with sweet lyrics declaring eternal devotion to a relationship that will last a lifetime, the clip shows Janson and his wife, Kelly, dancing around the kitchen, having a pillow fight and more.

"Done" impacts radio beginning Nov. 25. It comes off his most recent album, Real Friends. That project sees Janson collaborating with the friends and artists that mean the most to him -- including Kelly, of course. -- CL

Morgan Evans, "Diamonds":

Chances are you've heard the old saying that you can’t make a diamond without applying an ample amount of pressure. This saying plays into Morgan Evans’ new song “Diamonds,” in which he talks about finally finding his precious stone after years of pressure and stress.

“At times, we can all find ourselves lost in this world looking for something to believe in. Sometimes the harder you look for it, the further away it feels,” Evans muses. “One day, usually when you least expect it, you’ll see it within someone. She’ll laugh and everything you thought you knew before won’t mean a damn thing. And at the same time it’ll all make perfect sense. It’s like magic and it’s a feeling that lasts forever; like a diamond.” "Diamonds" was written by Evans with Chris DeStefano and Evan Bogart. It is the first taste of new music from Evans since he released his debut album, Things That We Drink To, in 2018. -- CC

The Swon Brothers (Feat. Vince Gill), “Travelin’ On”:

The Swon Brothers have shared their newest single, "Travelin' On," a song that tells the story of their unique relationship. In the new release, actual brothers Zach and Colton sing about how they spend pretty much all their time together, either playing shows or just kicking back.

Joining the brothers on the song is beloved country mainstay Vince Gill. Recording with the music legend was a memorable experience for the brothers. "Having Vince Gill on our song is such a bucket list moment for me. We are so grateful for his graciousness," explained Zach in a press release. "Travelin' On" was penned by the duo along with Jonathan Dean and Stephen Hunley. -- CC

Fairground Saints, "Drive You Home":

Fairground Saints showcase a retro warmth and their trademark three-part harmony in the newly-released "Drive You Home." The trio co-penned the tune alongside collaborator Emily West.

"'Drive You Home' is a song that reflects our favorite things about melody and lyrics and the beautiful dance they can do together," the group explains in a statement. "When we sat down and started writing it with Emily West, we knew it was something we had to record!" Fairground Saints are also at work on a new album, due for release in early 2020. -- CL

John King, “Close”: 

John King is laying down some seductive vocals in his new digital release, “Close.” Taking a step into a more mature sound, King sings as if directly to his love interest, reassuring her that he is with her and no one else.

Though it may seem counterintuitive, in this case, the best way to put someone's mind at ease it to tell them about the one that came before -- and why that person can't hold a candle to the new relationship. Although King admits that his previous girlfriend shared something special with him, he bluntly says it can’t even come close to what he currently has. -- CC

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