When you're an opening act for one of the biggest names in country music -- Tim McGraw, for example -- you've got only a few songs to win over a crowd that may not even know your name. And if you succeed, it can be pretty awesome.

Country newcomer Ryan Kinder, a Birmingham, Ala. native, had one of those moments during an opening set on McGraw's Two Lanes of Freedom tour stop last summer at the North Dakota State Fair.

"We kinda wrote this song ['Kiss Me When I'm Down'] with the idea in mind of the end of the song being, like, this huge sing-a-long," Kinder tells The Boot. "At the end, I taught everybody the part, and at the very end of the show, I thought like 20, 30 people would be singing along."

Instead, Kinder heard 'Kiss Me When I'm Down,' which will be his next single, being sung back to him by the entire crowd.

"There was, like, tons of people. I don't even know how many people were there," he says. "Every single person was singing along, and I almost sat down and started crying like a little baby."

Check out a video of Kinder's in-studio performance of the song at Buffalo, N.Y.'s WYRK, and head to their website to hear more of his music.