As both a singer and a songwriter, John King says that he finds satisfaction in recording his own songs and hearing others sing his tunes as well. However, the biggest benefit to both writing songs and going after a career as a solo artist is that one helps with the other.

"I’m an artist first and foremost, but being a songwriter makes me a better artist," King, who is signed to Black River Entertainment, tells The Boot. "... [Songwriting] helps you as an artist. I think the cool thing about Nashville is, a lot of the young artists start as songwriters. So it’s a good gateway."

The Georgia native is hard at work on his own set of tunes, but he admits that it hasn't been easy.

"It’s a long process. It's a grind," King acknowledges. "I was talking to Garth Brooks, [and] even for Garth, early in his career, it was a long grind, and he’s Garth Brooks. So it just takes a long time.

"I think if you stick to your guns, stick to your sound, and you have faith and have a good team around you, which we do, it’s bound to happen sooner or later," he muses.

King’s debut single, “Tonight, Tonight,” reached the Top 40 when it was released in 2014.