John King almost didn't get the chance to write his new song "Ain't Missing You." In an alternate timeline, he canceled the songwriting session.

"I had a sinus infection the day we wrote this song and was so close to just calling in sick," King shares with The Boot — but, he kept the plans and hit the writers' room with Josh Miller and Jordan Schmidt, the latter of whom co-produced "Ain't Missing You."

"Josh threw out this idea of 'missing someone who ain’t missing you.' I’m a sucker for those hooks with a little turn of phrase, so I was in from the get-go," King recalls. "Jordan made this track feel so epic, and I sang it sick that day. I thought about going back to re-sing it, but it just had this pain in the vocal that really fit the message of the song."

The heartbreaking, but catchy breakup song is premiering exclusively on The Boot. Press play below to hear it:

"Ain't Missing You" is one of 10 songs on Always Gonna Be You, King's debut album. The record tells King and his wife Hannah's real-life love story, from high school sweethearts to parenthood; he co-wrote all 10 tracks, with Chris Stevens, Leslie Satcher, Matt Rogers and others.

A Georgia native and University of Georgia graduate, King spent two years on Black River Entertainment, during which time he released an EP and a Top 40 (No. 39) single, "Tonight, Tonight." As a songwriter, he's an ASCAP Songwriter Award winner for Randy Houser's No. 1 single "We Went."

Always Gonna Be You is due out on Oct. 8 via Starstruck Records. The album's cover and full tracklist are below.

King will be touring in 2021 with Blake Shelton and Darius Rucker (he co-wrote 2019's "Rollin'," the first song to be released by Rucker's band Hootie & the Blowfish since 2005). Visit to keep up with all his goings-on.

John King Always Gonna Be You
Ford Fairchild / Jamie Wendt

John King, Always Gonna Be You Tracklist:

1. "Easy (Producers: Andrew King, John King, Nick Bailey, Ryan Ogden. Songwriters: John King, Nick Bailey, Ryan Ogden)
2. "For You" (Producer: Brandon Hood. Songwriters: John King, Curt Gibbs, Will Nance)
3. "All I Can Do" (Producer: Chris Stevens. Songwriters: John King, Chris Stevens, Justin Wilson)
4. "'Til It Changes Your Mind" (Producers: Jason Gantt, John King. Songwriters: John King, Jason Gantt, Matt Rogers)
5. "Try Saying Goodbye" (Producer: Paul DiGiovanni. Songwriters: John King, Paul DiGiovanni, Jamie Paulin)
6. "Ain’t Missin’ You" (Producer: Jordan Schmidt. Songwriters: John King, Jordan Schmidt, Josh Miller)
7. "Your Man" (Producer: Jason Massey. Songwriters: John King, Jason Massey, Trannie Anderson)
8. "Always Gonna Be You" (Producer: Sam Martinez. Songwriters: John King, Leslie Satcher)
9. "Prettiest Girl in the Room" (Producer: Jason Gantt, John King. Songwriters: John King, Jason Gantt, Trannie Anderson, Jessica Cayne)
10. "Better Man" (Producer: Seth Mosley. Songwriters: John King, Seth Mosley, Jesse Lee Levin)

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