Country artists released a diverse batch of new songs this week, touching on everything from memories of home to navigating the intricacies of a doomed relationship. Celebrations of the working class are a perennial country favorite, and this week, artists evoked the everyday hustle both on the streets of the U.K and along the back roads of the American south. Read on to find your perfect weekend soundtrack! 

I'm With Her, "Call My Name":

I'm With Her’s new song "Call My Name" is beautiful in every sense of the word. The trio -- Sara Watkins, Aoife O’Donovan and Sarah Jarosz -- lays harmonies on as thick as they do masterfully, while painting a vivid picture through their lyrics. Together, the three women sing about the rich details that surround a relationship. “Once upon a life, not so long ago / I showed you what I got, laid my heart low / On a patchwork quilt of leaves under an opalescent sky ...” the sing on the track. -- CC

Mitchell Tenpenny, "Alcohol You Later":

Mitchell Tenpenny's new single, "Alcohol You Later," is more than just a fun play on words. In the song, Tenpenny sings about knowing better, but caving to the questionable decisions induced by alcohol -- specifically, choosing to hit up an ex after taking shots while out on the town. “And now it's one more last time / We swore we wouldn't / But it's one more sunrise breaking through these curtains / And I know when we're sober we'll both say, ‘It's over’ / But it ain't really over / 'Cause alcohol, alcohol, alcohol you later ...” he sings in the song. “Alcohol You Later” is from Tenpenny’s debut album; the song will hit country radio on Feb. 11. -- CC

Fairground Saints, "California": 

The Fairground Saints have released a new song, “California,” that captures the spirit of the group’s home state. Elijah Edwards, Meg McAllister and Mason Van Valin explain in a press release that this song is different to the group because they didn’t write it. "We've always written our own songs, but this time, our producer and good friend Marshall Altman gave us this song," they relate. "And from first listen, we were hooked. It felt tailor made for us … Almost as if it was born out of our own personal experience. Its quintessential California imagery, and its heartfelt melody felt like home to us, and we're so happy to be able to bring the song to life." "California" follows the group’s "Somewhere Down the Line." Both of the tracks will appear on their upcoming EP, which is expected this spring. -- CC

Hardy, "Rednecker":

Newcomer Hardy is keeping the down-home party rolling with a new single, "Rednecker," off of his 2018 This Ole Boy EP. The track is a tongue-in-cheek look at hometown pride, asserting with signature swagger that no matter how country someone thinks they might be, Hardy's ready to bet that he's "rednecker" than they are. Co-written by the artist, alongside Jordan Schmidt and Andy Albert, "Rednecker" is headed to country radio on March 4. -- CL

Yola, "Love All Night (Work All Day)":

Yola has shared a soulful new single from her upcoming full-length debut, Walk Through Fire, produced by Dan Auerbach. "Love All Night (Work All Day)" showcases the hard-working hustle that got Yola -- and plenty of her friends -- to where they are today. "For me, this was my early adulthood, growing up in Bristol and working multiple jobs as I was trying to get by as I started in music," Yola tells Relix. "Lots of my peers hustled like this too, trying to fund their passion, their future. I want to celebrate these people! Increasingly musicians are missing this part of life, as it becomes the purview of the privileged. I want to hear more music from the working class as well. I want to hear about the long and winding road that leads them to the top echelons of music. To me and to many others that need to hear it, it's a truly uplifting perspective." Walk Through Fire will be available on Feb. 22. -- CL

John King, "Try Saying Goodbye":

John King has officially released his latest single, “Try Saying Goodbye.” The song paints a picture of love and heartbreak, as a couple tries to navigate their relationship. In the chorus, King sings about the harsh realities that sometimes come along with a romantic partnership. “Hey, nobody said love is easy / And I know it can be kinda hard to swallow your pride,” he sings. “If you thought 'sorry' was the hardest word you were ever gonna have to say to her / In your whole life / Try saying goodbye.” "Try Saying Goodbye" was written by King along with Paul DiGiovanni. -- CC

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