Just in time for Valentine's Day, country stars are showing their sweet -- and sometimes salty! -- sides. From a fan-created video celebrating the artist's real-life love story to a steamy take on a date night out (and plenty of songs that have absolutely nothing to do with love, too) there's plenty of country tunes to enjoy no matter what your Valentine's Day plans entail. Read on! 

Kalie Shorr, "Escape":

Kalie Shorr revisits her childhood and the heartbreak of a more recent personal experience in the music video for "Escape." After losing her older sister to an accidental heroin overdose, Shorr says making the video was like ripping the bandaid off of an old wound, in both good and bad ways. Clips of home video from Shorr's childhood with her siblings and parents highlight the role her older sister played in her life throughout the video.

“I have an opportunity to show people who might have judgment in their hearts that this is a very real human being. There was a very real, very kind, very loving person there.” Shorr tells People about the video and her experience in making it. -- LS

Chase Rice, "Lonely if You Are":

It's child's play in the music video for Chase Rice's song, "Lonely If You Are." Rice says that coming up with an idea for the video took a lot of brainstorming, but once they decided to feature a set of youngsters playing the band, their imaginations took off. The cast of characters that played their parts had no shortage of ambition either.

"Those kids just crushed it," he says. "I couldn't imagine them getting up there and doing that." Rice tells Billboard. "They were by themselves and then all of a sudden they're in front of 3,000 people, and they killed. And it was a fun day for me, getting to sit back and enjoy that." -- LS

Granger Smith, "That's Why I Love Dirt Roads":

Granger Smith pays homage to the back country in the music video for "That's Why I Love Dirt Roads." Following the artist out on the range, the video captures Smith building fence, feeding cattle and hiking in the woods, all from the side of winding dirt roads.

The anthem veers away from the romance and turmoil of human interaction, focusing on a love affair with the great outdoors. “Instead of covering beer, girls, and tailgates," Smith asks in a press release, "what if that song turned the setting into an introspective anthem for living life in the present moment -- almost a Country meditation? What if dirt roads were the place to escape, get lost in thought, and be closest to God?"

Tracy Lawrence, "Made in America":

It's a coast-to-coast patriotic anthem in the music video for Tracy Lawrence' latest music video for the song "Made In America." Fields of waving grains, holiday parades, die-hard Americans overcoming disabilities and revolutionizing industries, along with deployed troops and the families they come home to are all a part of a video compilation of what makes this country strong.

Brandy Clark, "Love is a Fire":

Brandy Clark gives her new song, "Love is a Fire," a smoldering treatment in her new music video. The singer says that shooting the music video made the incendiary subject matter of the song turn a little bit literal.

"What I remember most about shooting the 'Love is a Fire' video is watching [director] Clare Vogel and two crew members hold candles with gloves so they wouldn't be burned by the dripping candle wax in front of the camera lens while I performed," the singer tells CMT. "Clare would direct them to move the candles up and down first slow and then faster to create the illusion of fire." -- CL

Tyler Rich, "Rather Be Us":

Tyler Rich shares a fan-created music video for his song, "Rather Be Us." A collection of pictures of Rich and his wife, Sabina Gadecki, flip along with the romantic lyrics of the song. Created by the artist's fans, Rich says the collage was a perfect fit for his tune.

“The amount of time, effort and detail that was put into this video by my amazing fans absolutely blew my mind." Rich shared in a press release. "Finding pictures of Sabina and me that complemented each lyric from the song is incredible! I literally have the best fans in the world and I love all of you for the moments just like this.” -- LS

Brett Kissel, "She Drives Me Crazy":

Brett Kissel showcases two of the most special ladies in his life in the music video for "She Drives Me Crazy," a colorful celebration of powerful women that puts his daughters Mila and Aria front and center. Women of all different walks and styles dance through the bright scenes, while Mila and Aria help their dad direct the video and perform a little dance routine of their own.

John King, "Close":

John King dropped a new music video for his song "Close" just in time for Valentine's Day, and it's hot. Featuring the artist's wife Hannah, the black and white clip is set in a bar where Smith sings to the object of his affections from a distance until she joins him for a drink. Recounting his past flings, the singer reassures his date that nobody has even come close to the standard she sets.

The Secret Sisters, "Late Bloomer":

The introspective, family-focused music video for the Secret Sisters' "Late Bloomer" documents a time in the sister duo's lives when they had to remind themselves to let go of self-imposed deadlines and time constraints.

"This [song] was created during a season of infertility and the disappointment that comes with each childless month and the mental attacks that women tend to launch upon themselves when they fail to meet a deadline," the band explains in a press release. "The flower eventually blossomed, the birds arrived in all their glory and we are mamas now. We feel that we are in a full circle moment as we walk through the season of motherhood that we once felt would never come.

"This video is a special glimpse into our blooming process—a song being born in a Seattle studio, a song being shared with a new generation and the daily song that is our two babies," they add. The song comes off of Saturn Return, which is due out Feb. 28. -- CL

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