Love is in the air for two of country's hottest newcomers, Brett Young and Luke Combs -- Young recently got married, while Combs just announced his engagement -- so it's only fitting that both artists shared bonafide mushy love songs this week! Read on for all the swoon-worthy details, but don't worry: If something darker or more empowering is a little bit more your speed, there are plenty more songs in this week's batch to match your mood.

Brett Young, "Catch":

Young takes a simple, acoustic approach to performing his new song, "Catch," which is all about love showing up in surprising places. "'Catch is about that person who comes along when you least expect it and completely changes all your plans," the country star shares in a press release. "I think most of us have felt that way at some point -- being so captivated by someone that nothing else seems to matter -- so I hope fans can really connect with this one." The track is included on Ticket to L.A.Young's sophomore project, which is scheduled for release on Dec. 7. Although the album isn't available yet, fans who preorder it can receive "Catch" right now. -- CL

Luke Combs, "Beautiful Crazy":

Combs’ latest single is a romantic love song about appreciating a person's idiosyncrasies. In the chorus, the newly-engaged country star sings about the things that make him love his lady even more. “Beautiful, crazy / She can't help but amaze me / The way that she dances, ain't afraid to take chances / And wears her heart on her sleeve / Yeah, she's crazy, but her crazy’s beautiful to me,” Combs sings. “Beautiful Crazy” will hit country radio on Dec. 3; the song was written by Combs alongside Robert Williford and Wyatt Durrette. -- CC

Tucker Beathard, "Leave Me Alone":

Tucker Beathard is looking to make lemonade out of lemons with the release of his new song, "Leave Me Alone." Beathard wrote the track when he was feeling trapped by his ex-label, and needed an outlet for his overwhelming frustration. “I was kind of in a funk, seeing people you thought had your back leave and lose faith in you,” Beathard tells Rolling Stone. “And feeling like you had this pressure, I was pushed to the emotional limit, but that song broadened my horizons as a songwriter, in terms of just melodically yelling something and tapping into a whole new thing.” “Leave Me Alone” appears on Beathard's debut album, Nobody's Everything, released on Nov. 30. -- CC

Mary Bragg, "Fixed":

Mary Bragg’s “Fixed” is a dreamy, empowering testament to the process of accepting yourself, even with all of your flaws. Instead of singing about trying to “correct” parts of their personalities other people may not like, Bragg reassures her audience that they don’t “need to be fixed.” “Fixed” will appear on Bragg’s Violets as Camouflage, which is set for release on March 1. -- CC

Ryan Bingham, "Wolves":

Everybody has demons -- whether those demons are visible to those around them or not -- and Ryan Bingham's newest track delves into themes of fighting through the harder parts of life and shaking off the metaphorical wolves at the door. As someone who was bullied growing up, and saw his parents struggling with substance abuse, Bingham knows this subject matter well, and now he's hoping to elevate his personal experience with a more universal message.

"It really is about the constant effort of fighting the darkness," Bingham tells Billboard"Not only from what I've experienced personally growing up, but also witnessing what others are going through and fighting for every day." The song comes off his forthcoming album, American Love Song, which is due for release in February of 2019. -- CL

Yola, "Ride Out in the Country":

The new song out from Yola -- formerly known as Yola Carter -- takes a deep dive through a dark breakup, embellished with all the soaring beauty and lush harmonies of a sunny drive through an idyllic patch of countryside. The storyline takes a surreal turn as Yola pulls two bodies out of her Chevy pick-up truck to bury -- and one of them is her own.

"Lyrically, the song is about escapism, and the video adds an awesome twist," the singer tells Rolling Stone. "We wrote the song about getting away from an oppressive environment. I was in an abusive relationship a while back, so I drew on the feeling of relief and release that I had when I truly felt free." The song comes off of Walk Through Fire, the singer's debut LP, which is scheduled to come out Feb. 22 and was produced by Dan Auerbach. -- CL

William Michael Morgan, "Gone Enough":

The latest issue of a string of new music from William Michael Morgan is here. Following songs such as "Brokenhearted" and "Talking to a Girl," the singer has shared "Gone Enough," a declaration of devotion so steadfast that there's no way he's letting his love get away. "So go on, say that you don't love me / But your eyes say what you mean / Go off, get married to somebody else / But it'll only be a ring," Morgan sings. "I couldn't get amnesia, I'd see ya, I'd need ya / I'd still hold you in my dreams." The country star recently explained to the Boot that the new collection of songs is the beginning of an upcoming full-length project, and he's letting his fans hear new music little by little to see which of the  new songs they would like to see included on the finished product. -- CL

Bailey Bryan, "Songbird":

Singer/songwriter Bailey Bryan has shared "Songbird," the vulnerable and reflective first glimpse into an upcoming 2019 EP, and the track grapples with doubt, self-worth and ultimately, the power to have confidence in oneself. "I wrote the first few lines in my apartment, literally a stream of consciousness of all my thoughts and the things I was struggling with," Bryan explains in a press release. "When I got to 'I don't have the answers, I am just a songbird,' that word, 'songbird,' just kept popping up. It was the only lyric that felt right, and sometimes you just have to let a song be what it wants to be." The track was co-written with Dennis Matkovsky and Michael Hardy. -- CL

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