William Michael Morgan is on a new music roll with the recent releases of "Tonight Girl" and "Brokenhearted," and he's not done yet. The country singer is premiering his latest song, "Talking to a Girl," exclusively for readers of The Boot; press play above to hear the brand-new track.

Morgan's newest offering, which he co-penned with songwriters Bobby Pinson and Shane Minor, is a hopeful ballad about meeting someone new and beginning to move on after a painful breakup. "I'm talking to a girl / I'm starting to see / The sun still shines, some signs of life / After you and me," Morgan sings in the chorus of "Talking to a Girl." "Yeah, I'm taking it a day at a time these days / I'm in a better place / No, I wouldn't say I'm on top of the world / But I'm talking to a girl."

"Talking to a Girl" and the other songs that Morgan has released over the past couple of weeks all share a common thread: In their accompanying videos, the artist sits in the center of a room, playing his guitar as a collection of extras change and redecorate the environment around him to match the storyline of each track.

Each song -- and each video -- leads into the next, and in "Talking to a Girl," Morgan performs in front of a backdrop of a broken heart, which also hangs on the wall in the video for "Brokenhearted." At the end of this song, however, the heart comes back together, in keeping with the theme of moving on from lost love.

"A lot of that is because we filmed a lot of the videos on the same day," Morgan explains of his decision to release the string of related visuals. "I don't want people to think too much into it as a 'concept,' but they do kind of pick up where the last one left off, each one growing a little bit more."

Morgan goes on to say that there will be more new songs to add to the story in the coming weeks. A physical album will follow eventually, he adds, but for the time being, he's focusing on releasing his new music track by track. "We wanted to do something different as far as putting [the songs] out and letting the fans decide," he relates.

"When people come to shows, I started realizing that they might like this song a little more or that song a little more. So it was like, 'Why don't we let them decide?'" Morgan says, explaining that releasing songs in this way will allow him to make sure his fans have a hand in choosing which tracks make it on his album or onto radio.

"They're the ones that are going to be listening to it or streaming it or buying it. And jamming out to it, hopefully," he notes. "We wanna make them happy."

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