William Michael Morgan is pouring on the romance in a new song called "Tonight Girl." Readers can press play above to listen to the country slow jam.

In "Tonight Girl," Morgan sings about the moments he shares with someone special that make everything else melt away. Throughout the song, the Mississippi native makes it known that there isn't any place he'd want to be other than right besides his love, doing what they love.

"I'd have to say that it's right here / I'd have to say that it's right now / I'd have to say it's the coolest little corner / In the coolest little bar that I've ever found," Morgan sings in his smooth, deep voice in the chorus of "Tonight Girl." "If there ever was a best buzz / If anything ever rocked my world / These drinks, your eyes / That dress, that's right / I'd have to say it's tonight, girl ..."

“A lot of the casinos down in Vicksburg, Miss., get packed out every night with blues music and soul. It’s everywhere, and they play right from the heart, so I wanted to put some of that sound on there,” Morgan says in a press release. ""Tonight Girl" is a snapshot of how good it feels to have that one simple moment, that one night with someone special."

"Tonight Girl" is available for download now. It's one of a handful of new songs that Morgan will be releasing in the coming weeks.

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