Brett Eldredge might be one of country music's rising stars, but he is quickly proving that his vocal talents extend beyond just one genre. The singer-songwriter recently performed several songs by Frank Sinatra, backed by a full band, for an intimate crowd, which included his proud parents, in Nashville, Tenn.

"I'm absolutely thrilled to see him do this because he used to do this [style of music] when he was younger," his mother, Robin Eldredge, tells People magazine. "I haven't heard him do it in a long time."

However, according to her son, she'll have another chance to hear him perform songs from his musical idol, thanks to his own generous heart.

"We're going to grow this into something big and raise a bunch of money," Eldredge says of the possibility of doing more of the intimate shows. "I hate seeing kids fight for their life when they should have a lot of life ahead of them, and I'm already working on my own charity for childhood cancer.

"I want to help out in every way possible and help kids have a chance at life. I want to bring some dollars and let them have a chance to live," he adds. "The best part of my job, by far, is being able to get in the spotlight and raise awareness for something that really matters more than anything."

The Illinois native, who sang Sinatra classics like 'Fly Me to the Moon' and 'That's Life' during the performance, has been vocal about his love of the iconic artist and says his early fondness helped him develop his own skills as a singer.

"I grew up listening to Frank Sinatra, riding in the car with my grandpa, and I was just intrigued by it," Eldredge tells The Boot. "I was able to sound like an older guy at the age of 14. I got noticed for that, and when I went to college in Chicago, [I] got connected with [a] jazz band. I got in with the Bill Pollack Orchestra, where I sang Sinatra stuff and old rock stuff. It was a pretty big deal."

As far as his own music goes, the reigning CMA New Artist of the Year is climbing the charts again. After the success of his last single, 'Beat of the Music,' from his freshman 'Bring You Back' album, he is currently in the Top 20 and rising with 'Mean to Me.'

“I started playing ‘Mean to Me’ out at shows, and girls just go crazy for it. I literally had somebody get engaged at one of my shows to that song,” Eldredge explains. “People started saying, ‘I walked down the aisle to that song,’ ‘That’s my girlfriend and I’s first dance.’ It’s cool to hear that. That song has really struck a chord with folks out there. I hope I can sing that one for a long, long time.”

Download 'Mean To Me' here.