William Michael Morgan recently released his debut single, "I Met a Girl," and now he has a music video to accompany it.

The clip opens with a couple watching old family videos, then cuts to an older couple dancing, and then to Morgan, with his guitar in hand, leaning against a fence in a field. From there, viewers see a girl getting ready, before she checks her phone and heads out the door. She hops into a waiting truck, with her man in the driver's seat, and they head out to an anniversary party for his family.

The love that shines through in the video is infectious: Viewers see see the family interact with one another, and the guy and his gal cant stop smiling at each other, holding hands and exchanging meaningful glances.

“The sunshine waits for her to wake up / She’s a ponytail-no-makeup Saturday," Morgan sings. "She don’t need umbrellas in the summer rain / She could catch the eye of a hurricane in blue jeans and pearls.”

Listening to "I Met a Girl," it's easy to draw parallels to some of country's great, more traditional artists -- and yet, Morgan is only 21 years old! The song was co-written by Sam Hunt, Shane McAnally and Old Dominion's Trevor Rosen.

More information about Morgan and what he is up to can be found on his website. "I Met a Girl" is available for download on iTunes.

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