Country stars released a wide range of new tunes this week, from breakup ballads to pump-up anthems to tales of intrigue and murder. Read on to hear all the latest new songs!

Brandy Clark, "I'll Be the Sad Song":

Brandy Clark has shared "I'll Be the Sad Song," the opening track to her forthcoming new album, Your Life is a Record. Reflective and plaintive, the tune mulls over a relationship that didn't work out, but in the end, is grateful for the time spent together.

"Couldn't be your happy song, but at least we had a song / So I'll be the sad song you sing," Clark muses in the chorus. It's a common mood for her new project, which the singer admits is filled with songs of sadness, heartache and letting go.

"Jay [Joyce] said to me, 'You know, this is a breakup record. And I said, 'Wow, it is,'" Clark explains, thinking back to the time period where she and her teammates were listening back to the batch of songs that would go on to become the album. "I had gone through a breakup of a very long relationship and didn't realize that was just kind of in the air." -- CL

King Calaway, "No Matter What":

King Calaway's latest single release, "No Matter What," is a high energy, up-tempo song all about loving someone until their time on this earth is up. The group sings about how they are in it with their partners for the long run no matter what troubles roll their way: "So from this day on no matter what / Until kingdom come no matter what / I’m gonna love you girl no matter what.”

The fun "No Matter What" appears on King Calaway’s debut album, Rivers, which was released in October of 2019. -- CC

The Panhandlers, "This Flatland Life":

Ahead of releasing their debut album, supergroup The Panhandlers have shared a song from the project, "This Flatland Life." The song takes a whack at explaining the West Texas way of life, which is vastly different from nearly any other place in America.

“This was the first song we wrote for the album,” says the group’s Josh Abbott. He continues, “It’s a first-person anecdote of the everyday musings of being from the area: the boom-or-bust economical system, and the passionate sides that oppose each other on it, as well as religion and politics.”

“This Flatland Life” was written by Abbott along with the some of the group’s other members, Cleto Cordero and John Baumann. -- CC

The War and Treaty, "Hustlin'":

One of two recently released songs from husband and wife duo the War and Treaty, "Hustlin'" is a mournful, plodding look at the hard work it takes to make a dream survive. "So when the wolf howls at the moon / And the cock crows at the sun / We'll be hustlin' til the evenings comes," the duo harmonizes in the song's somber chorus.

The War and Treaty, who are the reigning Emerging Act of the Year at the Americana Honors & Awards, also recently released another new tune, "Jealousy." -- CL

Nathaniel Rateliff, "All or Nothing":

Nathaniel Rateliff gets dreamy and acoustic in his new song, "All or Nothing," the third track off forthcoming solo project And it's Still AlrightThe singer's first solo release in nearly seven years, And it's Still Alright is partially inspired by the loss of Rateliff's longtime friend and collaborator, Richard Swift.

"All or Nothing" is the latest the singer has shared in advance of the album, following the project's title trackAnd it's Still Alright is due out in full on Feb. 14. -- CL

Sierra Hull, "Beautifully Out of Place":

The first track off of Sierra Hull's upcoming new album, 25 Trips, "Beautifully Out of Place" is a tender meditation on self-doubt, spotlighting Hull's vocals and mandolin. The song was first inspired by a sentiment from Hull's husband, fellow musician Justin Moses.

"I remember Justin saying to me, 'I believe in you, so you're just going to have to learn to believe in yourself,'" Hull explains in a press release. "That inspired the first line for me, and the song just wrote itself from there." 25 Trips is due out in full on Feb. 28. -- CL

William Michael Morgan, "Whiskey Kinda Night":

William Michael Morgan's latest release, "Whiskey Kinda Night," is an evocative throwback ballad that tells the story of heartbreak -- and the one particular drink that'll ease the pain.  Morgan doesn't have anything against rum and coke, wine or ice cold beer, but for some heartaches, you've got to call on the big guns.

Morgan co-wrote the track with Adam Wood and Doug Johnson. "I've written a bunch of songs with Doug and Adam, who are also the producers on this track, but every once in a while you hit on something special," he explains. "Very honored to have worked with those guys, the studio musicians and my team on this new project. Sometimes nothing gets you over her like a whiskey kinda night." -- CL

Filmore, "My Place":

Filmore celebrates cozy and welcoming home life in the playful new "My Place," a song that lists all the things that make a house a home. "Pizza box on the kitchen counter / Probably been there a couple hours / By a set of keys somebody left here the night before," he sings. "Sharpie wall full of strangers' names / John Luke on the porch swing / Talking to a girl that he wants to know..."

Filmore is currently on the road opening for Lauren Alaina's That Girl Was Me Tour. -- CL

Lena Stone, "Personal Space":

Lena Stone is sending her man a message loud and clear in her latest release, "Personal Space." In the upbeat song, Stone sings as if directly to her partner about getting to know everything about her... even if that means invading her personal space.

“‘Personal Space’ is such a fun, flirty song and it seemed like the perfect song to release just before Valentine’s Day,” says Stone in a press release about the track. “I loved writing this song and flipping the idea of personal space on its head to tell someone you care about them and want them close to you.” “Personal Space” was penned by Stone along with Savannah Keyes and Chris Parker. -- CC

Troy Cartwright, "Cake for Breakfast":

Troy Cartwright is anything but bashful in “Cake for Breakfast.” Throughout the high energy song the singer talks all about what he and his lady got into the night before and exactly why they deserve something extra sweet for breakfast.

Cartwright doesn’t hold anything back, singing “Girl, we got a reason to celebrate / 'Cause last night was the best love we ever made / So let the OJ, champagne pop off / Here's to us rockin' our socks off / Little piece for you, little piece for me / Yeah, that's the only thing that can top off.” “Cake for Breakfast” was written by Brett Tyler, Hardy and Alysa Vanderheym. -- CC

Corb Lund, "90 Seconds of Your Time":

Corb Lund has selected "90 Seconds Of Your Times" as the first single off of his upcoming release, Agricultural Tragic. “90 Seconds Of Your Time” has a one of a kind storyline that includes a missing horse, three missing mules, an intense trail guide and, most importantly, murder. In the song Lund sings about the mysteries of the mountain as they are happening, reasoning with that intense trail guide to listen to him about the trouble unfolding around them. Agricultural Tragic is set for release on April, 24. --CC

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