Country stars released all kinds of new music this week! From romantic love ballads to attitude-heavy break up anthems and everything in between, there's something for everyone in this batch. Read on!

Carrie Underwood, "Drinking Alone":

Carrie Underwood shuts down a pick-up line -- but welcomes a drinking buddy -- in her brooding new single, "Drinking Alone." Co-written by the singer alongside David Garcia and Brett James, the song is about sharing an evening with somebody who's going through the same heartache you are.

"We should be drinking alone together / Drowning the pain is better / With somebody else who got problems / We ain't gonna solve 'em / But misery loves company..." Underwood sings in the chorus. "Drinking Alone" comes off of the singer's 2018 album, Cry Pretty. -- CL

Tyler Rich, "Rather Be Us":

In his romantic new tune, "Rather Be Us," Tyler Rich celebrates real, genuine love. In an era full of Instagram couples, it can be easy to get lost in how perfect other peoples' lives look -- but Rich knows that the most important part of a relationship is what happens off social media.

"So much time seems to be spent being hard on ourselves if we aren't as successful, pretty or wealthy as our friends, even comparing ourselves to strangers," Rich says of the song. "But these are highlight reels, filters and edits. We rarely show the bad things going on in our lives, rather than posting the things we want to celebrate. So, just pay attention to what you have, who you love and what makes you truly happy." -- CL

Kalie Shorr, "Alice in Wonderland":

Kalie Shorr’s "Alice in Wonderland" hearkens back to the powerful women of the ‘90s, complete with breathy lyrics and heavy instrumentals. Throughout the song, Shorr speaks directly to the fictional character made famous by Lewis Carroll, asking her, “How is Wonderland?", and drops plenty of nods to the popular story (the bottle labeled “Drink Me,” the memorable scene in which Alice shrinks), which was also made into an animated movie by Disney in 1951. “Alice in Wonderland” comes from Shorr’s newest album, Open Book, which was released in September. -- CC

Hugh Masterson feat. the Lone Bellow, "Hollywood":

Hugh Masterson's "Hollywood" tells the story of one of America's most recognizable cities. The rousing, anthemic song is a product of some free time that Masterson had in the infamous city alongside his collaborators.

“I was on tour and traveling with the Lone Bellow, and we had a day off in Hollywood,” Masterson explains. “It was a rare rainy day. Zach Williams, Brian Elmquist and I sat under the covered porch and came up with this song together.” "Hollywood" will appear on Masterson's upcoming sophomore album, which is slated for release in 2020. -- CC

Clare Dunn, "Money's All Gone":

In the country-meets-rock “Money’s All Gone,” Clare Dunn reflects on the antics she used to get into with her sister while they were growing up together. It’s a song that most kids from small-town America will relate to, about making the most of a night out and what you’ve got.

“'Money’s All Gone' is inspired by all the times my sister and I would go to town in a 1984 Chevrolet Dually that ran on propane with a couple bucks in our pocket,” Dunn explains. “We’d have fun until the money was all gone, then head home. It was the norm for kids who grew up where I’m from.” In fact, Dunn traces the track’s rock ‘n’ roll attitude back to those childhood days out west, too: “Most people think when you make a living in agriculture, like we did, that it’s a laid-back life,” she explains, “when really you’ve got to rock ‘n’ roll to get it done.”

"Money's All Gone" follows another recent release from Dunn, "Gold to Glitter," which was also inspired by her childhood. -- CC

Joel Crouse, "On My Way":

Singer and songwriter Joel Crouse teamed up with Ed Sheeran and Kyle Rife to deliver "On My Way," a touching song that draws attention to the importance of mental well-being and a healthy support system.

“I had the privilege of writing this song with two great friends, and I don’t think any of us knew how powerful of an impact it would have,” Crouse shared in a press release about the vulnerable song. “Mental health is incredibly important to me and this song is very personal, as it truly shares a powerful message of support during the darkest hours of a close friend.” He continues, “When ‘life’ hits, we often have a hard time asking for help, which shouldn’t be the case. I hope this song reaches as many people as possible who need to hear its message.” The song was produced by David Naish and was released through Hum Records. -- CC

Karen Waldrup feat. William Michael Morgan, "Me Again":

Karen Waldrup puts a positive spin on a dark time with "Me Again," her new collaboration with William Michael Morgan. The singer drew inspiration from a tumultuous 2018, during which time she grappled with a bad relationship, an online-turned-real-life stalker and more. Instead of dwelling on the negative, Waldrup's new song shines a spotlight on all the people who supported her during a tough time.

"I couldn't be more excited about the song because it's a heartfelt sentiment for all my supporters that stuck with me through some of the hardest times of my life," Waldrup explains in a press release. "Everybody who believed in me continued to believe in me despite circumstances, and 'Me Again' was born in response to that." -- CL

Marcus King, "Wildflowers & Wine":

Marcus King shows off his sultry side in his soulful new "Wildflowers & Wine," the romantic follow-up to his previously shared single, "The Well." The new song finds King immersed in an intoxicating love story that's as cozy as a slow dance to an old vinyl record.

"Wildflowers & Wine" comes off of King's forthcoming new Dan Auerbach-produced album, El Dorado. The project will be King's solo debut. -- CL

Hannah Dasher, "Stoned Age":

Hannah Dasher yearns for the drug-fueled freedom of rock 'n' roll's golden years in "Stoned Age," her mid-tempo new nostalgia anthem. "When all the girls looked like Janis / And hippie boys looked like Jesus / When rock 'n' roll was Led Zeppelin / And all the country was Bocephus," she sings, mixing a dash of humor into the throwback tune.

Dasher is gearing up to take the new song on the road. She'll be opening shows for the Cadillac Three and Gary Allan through the last couple of months of 2019. -- CL

The Ballroom Thieves, "Love is Easy":

In their last release, "Tenebrist," the Ballroom Thieves focused more on culturally weighty topics and a troubled political landscape. Now, the group tread plusher ground with "Love is Easy," a dreamy and romantic ballad about a relationship that just fits perfectly.

Singer and guitarist Martin Earley tells Rolling Stone Country that the inspiration for the song came from his love story with bandmate and fiancee Calin Peters. "Put simply, this song is about finding a person who is easy for you to love and then loving that person no matter what the world throws at you," he explains. -- CL 

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