Travis Denning has shared a new single, "After a Few," which tells a story that many of his listeners may know far too well. Press play above to hear Denning's acoustic rendition, which describes the story of an old flame that -- with a little help from alcohol -- comes back into his life.

Denning's song tells the story about running into an ex at a bar and repeating past mistakes after a few songs and drinks. In "After a Few," he sings about knowing his old love was trouble from the start. “I probably shouldn’t have said hello / When I saw you out with your friends / I know I should’ve left it alone when I caught you looking," he sings. "Little smile little how ya been / A little touch, little reminisce / It always starts off innocent / But after a few drinks, it’s always the same thing ..."

From there, things start to heat up for the ill-fated pair, who can't seem to stay away from each-other. "We find ourselves leaning up against my car / Should’ve stopped at one / Said goodbye, given up at two," the song continues. "If we didn’t want to wind up / Falling into my bed like we always do / After a few / Oh after a few / We always take it way too far. "After a Few" was written by Denning, Kelly Archer and Justin Weaver, and produced by Jeremy Stover.

"After a Few" will be released on Jan. 18. The song will hit country radio on Jan. 21.  Denning released "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs" as his debut single in 2018. More information about Denning can be found on his official website.

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