Travis Denning and director Justin Clough tell a story plenty of current and former teenagers are familiar with in the music video for Denning's song "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs." Readers can press play above to watch the clip.

"David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs" is a playful song about one fateful night when Denning's friend found a real driver’s license on the floor of a bar and turned it into his fake ID. From that night on, the friend assumed the identity of David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs, Ga. In the song's accompanying music video, viewers see a nervous teen trying to score some beer for a party -- an age-old coming-of-age tale.

After his fake ID earns the approval of the liquor store clerk, the fake David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs heads over to a party, where he receives a hero's welcome for bringing the booze. As is the risk with any underage party, however, the cops show up to bust things up; people go running, and things don't go well for the teen.

The best part of Denning's "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs" music video, though, is a cameo from the real-life Parker: He plays the liquor store clerk, and shows up at the end of the clip to pal around with Denning.

Denning released "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs" as his debut single this past March. The song is available for purchase on iTunes.

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