As a result of the mud-slinging altercation after his August 6 performance at the Smokin' Country Concert, singer Tracy Lawrence is scheduled to appear in Municipal Court in Tiffin, Ohio, on September 1, according to the Advertiser-Tribune. Tracy, along with concert promoter Elmer Cole, Jr., were both cited for disorderly conduct over the matter.

Although the 'It's All How You Look at It' singer has a prior track record with the law, including reckless endangerment and spousal abuse charges, country singer Randy Houser, who was also scheduled to perform at the three-day event, sides with his fellow country singer. "I believe Tracy is getting a bad rap in the press on this one, I really do," Randy tells The Boot. "All the tour buses were stuck in 3 to 6 inches of mud on his private property, and it was made very clear that we were on our own. I believe Tracy had a right to speak to Mr. Cole. What happened after that, I don't know, but I will say that Tracy appeared sober and cool-headed right before he walked down to speak with him. I know that Mr. Cole could have handled the situation with much more professionalism than what was demonstrated."

Under Ohio law, most disorderly conduct cases are considered a minor misdemeanor, punishable by a $150 fine. However, there are situations where the charge can be elevated to a 4th degree misdemeanor with a potential sentence of 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.

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