The year 2014 held lots of great moments in country music ... and it also offered up some of the most entertaining, funny, emotional, well-produced music videos we've seen.

Our favorite clips range from the type of humor only Blake Shelton can get away with to super sassy (Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood, for example) to introspective and sweet. They're all included on The Boot's list of the Top 10 Country Music Videos of 2014.

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    'Perfect Storm'

    Brad Paisley

    Paisley called on female fans for help with his 'Perfect Storm' video, asking them to send in photos of themselves in t-shirts, to coincide with the lyrics: "And she destroys me in that t-shirt / And I love her so much it hurts." This clip is fan engagement at its finest -- and made those who were picked feel extra special in 2014. (Even Paisley's wife, actress Kimberly Williams-Paisley, makes a cameo!) The singer was committed to making this music video memorable, standing in the pouring rain while being filmed, and an electric guitar solo combined with amazing visual effects adds up to one great video.

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    'What We Ain't Got'

    Jake Owen

    Fans are used to seeing Owen bumming on the beach, walking around barefoot and exuding a laid-back surfer personality, all while looking the part, in his music videos. But this clip is different. Owen cites the song, which is a call to focus on what we have (instead of "what we ain't got") as one of the greatest tunes he's ever recorded, and the visual is quite the tearjerker. Simple yet powerful imagery makes the 'What We Ain't Got' video a touching, eye-opening and standout video from 2014.

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    Lady Antebellum

    'Bartender' was the first single from Lady A's '747' record, and fans clinked their glasses in cheers. The song's music video was nominated for a CMA Award, and trio member Charles Kelley calls 'Bartender' his favorite video the group has ever done ... though that could be because of its special guests: sexy supermodel Kate Upton and actor Tony Hale. Instead of a typical rebound story, frontwoman Hillary Scott is shown getting out with the girls (including Upton), downing drinks (via bartender Hale) and having plenty of fun. Now that's the way to get over a breakup!

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    'I Don't Dance'

    Lee Brice

    Brice's platinum-selling 'I Don't Dance' struck a chord with many, and it will be a classic first dance song for newlyweds for the foreseeable future. The tune takes the (wedding) cake as one of the sweetest songs of 2014, and the music video, which depicts scenes from Brice's own wedding, is the icing on top. This clip captures the entirely heartwarming emotion of giddy excitement, along with some truly special moments from Brice's big day. Combining his personal life with his passion for music was a great choice for Brice -- and it helped land him on this list.

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    'Doin' What She Likes'

    Blake Shelton

    This music video is classic Shelton -- and a whole barrel of laughs. While the song depicts him mixing up margaritas, lighting watermelon candles and putting together a perfect romantic evening, the 'Doin' What She Likes' video takes it one step further. At the start of the clip, Shelton talks to his wife, Miranda Lambert, on the phone and offers to make dinner, to "fan the flame a little bit" (hello, foreshadowing!). He pulls out all the stops, showing off his gourmet cooking abilities and cleaning skills ... until he lights the candles in the bathroom and things go wrong. This video was one of the most entertaining of the year, putting a twist on what could have been just your typical music video for a romantic song.

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    The Band Perry

    This sibling trio knows how to captivate an audience, and their hit 'Chainsaw' is fantastic live. But TBP's music video for the tune takes it one step further: The band treks into the forest for a little fun, turning this breakup anthem into a great clip. Anyone who feels that "love is shady" will love this video, in which the Perry siblings are, essentially, a tree removal service for the brokenhearted, cutting down trees engraved with the initials of lovers no longer in love. They show no remorse, hacking down trees with a massive chainsaw, cutting ties once and for all. The Band Perry's music videos are always entertaining, but this one is ranked sky high in our books.

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    'Meanwhile, Back at Mama's'

    Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

    Country's royal couple doesn't sing together often in duets -- but when they do, it's magical. McGraw and Hill's music video for 'Meanwhile, Back at Mama's' is incredibly enchanting, juxtaposing the couple's glamorous looks and onstage entertaining with their simple country life (and, yes, that's footage of their Nashville-area farm in the clip). It exudes comfort, serenity and an overall deep contentment with life when living simply and noticing little gifts -- a message we can definitely get behind.

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    'Drunk on a Plane'

    Dierks Bentley

    Bentley's 'Drunk on a Plane' clip won the 2014 CMA Award for Music Video of the Year, and that's just one of the reasons it's near the top of our list. Fans will remember it for a long time, partly due to Bentley's hilarious getup, which he also donned on the CMT Awards red carpet. The video, which depicts the singer as a pilot and features a flight full of people having a spirit-filled time -- until they hit some turbulence -- didn't just entertain country fans; it was the first-ever country music video to land on Funny or Die. If you need a chuckle, this video is for you. (Fun fact: Bentley actually has his pilot license.)

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    'Somethin' Bad'

    Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood

    Lambert and Underwood are forces in country music individually, so when they joined together for 'Somethin' Bad,' it was definitely somethin' special, and the music video had fans gabbing for quite some time. The two blond beauties acting as thieves in a bank heist? Hilarious. The songstresses put on their poker faces, blew up a building and made a quick getaway on two shiny motorcycles (that Lambert gifted Underwood!).

    (Editor's note: Underwood's inspirational and flawless video for 'Something in the Water' and Lambert's nostalgic 'Automatic' clip were also in contention for the list, but we simply didn't have the space. Since, as they say, two is better than one, we included this music video instead and give their individual clips honorable mentions.)

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    'Girl in a Country Song'

    Maddie & Tae

    This female duo burst onto the scene with 'Girl in a Country Song,' sparking lots of attention with the sassy song, which calls out country music stereotypes in a lighthearted but impactful way. The corresponding music video portrays a hilarious role reversal, featuring the guys in the girls' typical roles, and the effect is one-of-a-kind. If you've ever wanted to see a guy seductively bite into a strawberry, wear a midriff top on a swing or sport Daisy Dukes, this clip is for you. It was even inducted into The Boot's Video Shootout Hall of Fame and earns this list's top spot for being one of the most original, refreshing and candid music videos we've seen in a while.