Talk about a thank you gift! Miranda Lambert gave Carrie Underwood a brand-new motorcycle, presumably as a way to say thanks for Underwood's appearance on the song, 'Something Bad,' from Lambert's upcoming 'Platinum' album.

The two singers performed the song live together for the first time at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards, making fans even more eager for Lambert's latest set of tunes. The uptempo song, Lambert says, is even more proof that the women of country music need to support each other.

“Two girls, from Texas and Oklahoma, that are living their dream right now,” Lambert says. “We’re really rocking in country music, and we’re coming together in force. To me, if you’re sitting on the front row, you might want to scoot back. It’s a force. It just feels exciting to me, and I’m ready to rock. And singing with Carrie really pushes me, so it’s fun, and it’s cool. It’s been too long since two girls in our genre have come together like that.”

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