Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood are both nominated for the ACM Award for Female Vocalist of the Year, but there's no competition between the two.

In fact, Lambert is such a fan of Underwood, she asked her to sing on one of the songs, 'Something Bad,' for her upcoming album, 'Platinum,' but she admits she was anxious reaching out to the former 'American Idol' winner.

"Singing with Carrie Underwood is very, very intimidating. I'll be honest. She is an amazing vocalist," Lambert admits to Yahoo! "Asking her to do this was nerve-wracking. I sent her an e-mail, a long, blabbing e-mail about if she wanted to sing on the record, it could be cool, but maybe she didn't want to, and if she liked the song, but she didn't have to like the song ... and when I sent it, I thought, 'This sounds ridiculous.'"

The wife of Blake Shelton says partnering with one of country music's biggest female superstars can only benefit the genre.

"Two girls, from Texas and Oklahoma, that are living their dream right now," she notes. "We're really rocking in country music, and we're coming together in force. To me, if you're sitting on the front row, you might want to scoot back. It's a force. It just feels exciting to me, and I'm ready to rock. And singing with Carrie really pushes me, so it's fun, and it's cool. It's been too long since two girls in our genre have come together like that."

While 'Platinum' won't be released until June 3, Lambert hints that she is already planning the video for 'Something Bad.'

"I'm hoping that she'll come to the dark side and blow something up and set something on fire in the video," she adds.

With Lambert and Underwood part of only a small handful of women who are getting their shot at radio these days, it seems likely that 'Something Bad' will be released as a single.

Lambert's first single, 'Automatic,' from 'Platinum,' is already at radio. Pre-order the 16-track album here.