Miranda Lambert debuted her long-awaited duet with Carrie Underwood, 'Something Bad,' from her upcoming 'Platinum' album at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

The two singers traded off lines for the rocking tune, sounding as much like an Aerosmith song as the next country hit. Standing close to each other throughout the entire song, the pair showed undeniable chemistry, both as singers and friends on and off stage.

Although the song has yet to be released as a single, Lambert says she was eager to debut it during tonight's ceremony.

“I’m a huge Carrie Underwood fan,” Lambert says. “‘Somethin’ Bad’ is a meshing of our styles, and there aren’t many female collaborations in our format, so I’m really excited to be debuting it on the Billboard Awards.”

Lambert admitted she was nervous recording with Underwood, so taking the stage with the powerhouse vocalist was undoubtedly even more nerve-wracking for the songstress.

“Singing with Carrie Underwood is very, very intimidating. I’ll be honest. She is an amazing vocalist,” Lambert admits. “Asking her to do [the duet] was nerve-wracking. I sent her an e-mail, a long, blabbing e-mail about if she wanted to sing on the record, it could be cool, but maybe she didn’t want to, and if she liked the song, but she didn’t have to like the song … and when I sent it, I thought, ‘This sounds ridiculous.’”

'Platinum' will be released on June 3. Pre-order the record here.