Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood have just released the video for their new duet, 'Somethin' Bad,' and it plays out exactly like fans might have hoped.

The video starts off like a short film, with the two superstars getting their mug shots taken, then goes backward in time to tell the story of how they apparently plotted a bank heist as an inside job while working there. The clip also shows them in a high-stakes poker game, escaping on motorcycles and even blowing up the bank building.

That last part was probably Lambert's idea. When she drafted Underwood for the song -- which appears on her new smash album, 'Platinum' -- she said she wanted to get the squeaky-clean superstar to show a different side.

“I’m hoping that [Underwood will] come to the dark side and blow something up and set something on fire in the video," she said in March.

The pair debuted the song live at the Billboard Music Awards, and also performed it at the CMT Music Awards.