Get out your tissues: Jake Owen has debuted the powerful video for his current single, 'What We Ain't Got,' and it's a real tear-jerker.

The video begins with the singer sitting on a bar stool, but throughout the video, several other people emerge, including a mother and little boy holding an American flag, as Owen sings, "We all want what we ain't got / Our favorite doors are always locked / On a higher hill with a taller top / We all want what we ain't got ... We all wish it didn't hurt / When you try your best but it doesn't work / And goodbye's such a painful word / We all wish it didn't hurt."

"It's such an important song in my career," Owen tells ET Online, "so we put a lot of effort into making the video as good as the song."

The song was written by Travis Jerome Goff and Travis Meadows, a recovering drug addict who also appears in the video.

“I was immediately taken by this song and Travis [Meadows'] raw honesty," Owen says (quote via "This is an anthem for people living real life, which is what country music is -- telling stories about real life.

"There’s a line that goes, 'I wanted the world 'til my whole world stopped,’ and I really feel what Travis meant by that," he continues. "Everything halted when my dad went through cancer last year. It was difficult to see the man that I looked up to the most and was the pillar of strength in our family going through this. As difficult a time as it was, he is now cancer free, and I’m so thankful.”

Mason Dixon, who has directed all of the singer's videos since 'Tell Me' in 2010, took the helm for this one as well, although Owen says the credit for the concept deserves to be shared among several people.

"It was a group effort on my part, his part and my creative team at the label," the Florida native explains. "It's such an important song in my career and one of the greatest songs I've ever recorded, so we put a lot of effort into making the video as good as the song."

The 33-year-old Owen hopes other people embrace the message of the song.

“It’s a deep song that deals on a lot of levels with everyone looking at their own life,” he tells “We all work so hard day to day, and we want more and more and more. This is a world of wanting more. It’s a song about looking at where you are and appreciating what you have, ’cause once it’s gone, we all want what we don’t have.”

'What We Ain't Got' is the fourth single from Owen's 'Days of Gold' album. Watch Meadows perform 'What We Ain't Got' with Owen here.