Steve Moakler will be treating fans to a brand-new album this spring. The singer-songwriter has announced the release of his fourth studio record, Steel Town.

Steel Town, which is being produced by Luke Laird, will feature 11 tracks, including Moakler's well-known songs "Suitcase" and "Love Drunk," as well as three other songs previously released on Moakler's 2016 self-titled EP. The record's other six songs are brand-new, co-written by Moakler and fellow tunesmiths such as Casey Beathard, Barry Dean, Laird, Gordie Sampson and Caitlyn Smith.

“Looking back and being in the moment can seem like contradictory things, but I think they make each other sweeter somehow. That tension is what this record Steel Town is about,” explains Moakler in a press release. “It's the most personal record I've made, and even though it's my fourth album, it feels like Chapter One in my story.”

For Steel Town, Moakler gathered inspiration from his life and used it for songs such as "Siddle's Saloon," about his grandfather's bar; "Steel Town," which focuses on the stories of people from the singer's hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa.; and "Wheels," a song that describes the feeling of returning home after a while, and all the emotions that come with it. A full track listing can be seen below.

Although Steel Town is not set for release until March 17, fans can pre-order the disc beginning on Feb. 17. Moakler is headlining the Highway Finds Tour, presented by SiriusXM and Live Nation, this spring; a full list of tour dates is available on his official website.

Steve Moakler, Steel Town Track Listing:

1. “Steel Town” (Steve Moakler / Casey Beathard)
2. “Suitcase” (Barry Dean / Luke Laird / Thomas Rhett)
3. “Jealous Girl” (Steve Moakler / Daniel Tashian)
4. “Summer Without Her” (Steve Moakler / Sarah Buxton)
5. “Love Drunk” (Steve Moakler / Cary Barlowe / Gordie Sampson)
6. “Hearts Don’t Break That Way” (Steve Moakler / Marshall Altman / Barry Dean)
7. “Wheels” (Steve Moakler / Gordie Sampson / Caitlyn Smith)
8. “Siddle’s Saloon” (Steve Moakler / Barry Dean)
9. “School” (Steve Moakler / Andy Albert / Dave Berg)
10. “Just Long Enough” (Steve Moakler / Barry Dean / Luke Laird)
11. “Gold” (Steve Moakler / Chad Cates)

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