Steve Moakler is known for personal, true-to-life storytelling. That songwriting style is evident in his newest project, Blue Jeans, in songs like the title track and "One on the Way."

However, "The Picture" doesn't at first appear to be a snapshot of Moakler's life. It's a song about the miscommunications and hurt feelings that follow a breakup, and Moakler is happily married. Still, the singer explains, the song arose from a larger reflection on how social media causes everyone to feel hurt and jealous now and again, oftentimes without reason. 

Read on to learn the story behind the song, told in the artist's own words. 

[The song's subject matter] is something that I have experienced in the past, but also, this song was born out of a bigger conversation that my co-write, Nicolette Hayford, and I were talking about.

With social media, all of us fall victim to seeing things [online] and being jealous. Where, you see it at face value, and you draw all these conclusions, and you usually compare it against yourself. We were just talking about that general idea, and we just stumbled into this very small, personal story to convey that emotion of misunderstanding and jealousy, which I think we all feel sometimes.

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