Steve Moakler and his wife Gracie enlisted Santa Claus to help them share some big news: They're expecting Baby No. 2!

Moakler and his wife revealed that they are expanding their family on Thursday (Dec. 19), posting two pictures of themselves and their son Jackson with Santa: In the first, both Mr. Claus and Gracie are pointing at her stomach; in the second, Gracie's got her hands on her baby bump as her husband and Santa high-five over her head.

"When Santa tells you that you've got ANOTHER one on the way," Moakler writes in the caption. "That's right, baby Moakler number ✌🏼 coming in the summer of 2020!!"

The Moaklers welcomed their first son, Jackson Thomas, into their family on Jan. 5, after revealing that they were expecting in July of 2018. The couple has been married since 2013.

Gracie stars in the music video for Moakler's song "Suitcase," a track that's extra special to the pair: Shortly after their wedding, she quit her job and they hit the road, touring the country in a camper. Moakler would play small shows, and Gracie would sell his merchandise and jewelry she was creating.

"We had a shoestring budget, and we were just chasing our dreams together, and that’s all we needed," the singer-songwriter says. "I think it was one of the happiest times of my life," and the experience that made him want to record "Suitcase," written by Thomas Rhett, Barry Dean and Luke Laird, when he heard the demo.

In 2019, Moakler has been releasing new music from his forthcoming Blue Jeans album. The artist has shared groups of songs as "pockets," and will complete the record in January with the release of Pocket 3.

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