This week's round-up of new country tracks includes messages of hope, optimism and more than a little solid life advice. Read on to learn more!

Sam Bush, "Stop the Violence":

Bluegrass legend Sam Bush is laying it out plain and simple in his new song "Stop the Violence.” His first new tune since 2016 calls for an end to all of the hate that’s been splashed across the headlines lately. Bush, who co-wrote the song with Jeff Black, opens up with a simple yet impactful statement: “I hate living in a world where there’s so much pain.” -- CC

The Reklaws, "I Do Too":

Brother-and-sister duo the Reklaws have shared their bubbly, hopeful new single, "I Do Too," a song that finds camaraderie through even the biggest challenges life brings. "Do you ever wanna run away? Get scared you'll lose your faith? / Like it's all gonna stop on you, walk out on you / Yeah, I do too," they sing in the song's chorus. "We all got more questions than answers / Dreams too big to lose / Sometimes you worry too much / Yeah, I do too."

Despite this, the song's overall tone remains optimistic, however: Even though life can be overwhelming, there's power in finding common ground. -- CL

Chris Shiflett, "Welcome to Your First Heartache":

Ahead of his upcoming new album, Foo Fighters member and solo artist Chris Shiflett has released the new track "Welcome to Your First Heartache.” The country-rock track examines the pain that comes along with falling in and out of love: “So welcome to your first heartache / Welcome to your first broken vow / Shakes you like an earthquake / Welcome to your, welcome to your first heartache,” Shiflett sings in a catchy and uptempo chorus about one of the harder parts of life. Shiflett’s new album, Hard Lessons, is due out on June 14. -- CC

Jenny Tolman, "High Class White Trash": 

Jenny Tolman has shared the next taste of her forthcoming album, There Goes the Neighborhood, which is due out in July of 2019. "High Class White Trash" celebrates looking and feeling glamorous -- even on a budget. Tolman co-wrote the track with Dave Brainard, who also produced her new album.

"We're all a little 'High Class White Trash' at some point, let's be honest," Tolman says of the song on her YouTube page. "As Dolly always says, 'It costs a lot of money to look this cheap!' Truly, at its root, this song is an empowering anthem to all the women who are doing the best they can, every day, with what they've got, and loving their lives." -- CL

Jamestown Revival, "This Too Shall Pass": 

In their new song, “This Too Shall Pass,” Jamestown Revival find themselves down on their luck and questioning what to do next. The duo sings about calling up family members to ask for advice on how to handle difficult situations; after talking to their father and mother, they turn to their siblings for some brotherly advice.“You see, I've been in your shoes / Just another day, got to pay your dues / Hard times won't be your last," they sing. "Trust me when I say this too / This too / This too / This too shall pass.” "This Too Shall Pass" will appear on Jamestown Revival's June 14 release, San Isabel. -- CC

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