Now that Miranda Lambert has taken home Female Vocalist and Album of the Year from the Academy of Country Music, she can look toward her next goal: a new album for her trio, Pistol Annies.

"After my current On Fire tour with Jerrod Niemann and Chris Young, which is awesome, the Pistol Annies will come out with me this summer," Miranda tells The Boot. "We go out in May and we'll be doing more amphitheatres and arenas through December. We'll be working on a new record this fall ... I'm so thankful for everything that's happened to me solo, and now all I can think about is my girls and developing my band."

No doubt the three girls -- Miranda, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley -- will take some time while on tour to write a few songs for the upcoming project. "Our goal on this next record is to write everything in our family, just the three of us girls again," Miranda confirms. "The new album will be what you expect: three country girls singing about three country girls' lives. I'm looking forward to getting back in the studio with them. That will be our focus after the summer tour."

Fans who want to hear something new from the trio can find a new song, 'Run Daddy Run,' on the movie soundtrack, 'The Hunger Games: Songs from District 12 and Beyond,' which is now available.

Miranda, who referred to her albums as "my babies" in her ACM Album of the Year acceptance speech, is just as dedicated to Pistol Annies' projects as she is to her solo efforts. "My albums consume my life; they drive my career," says the 'Over You' singer. "The thing I live for is making albums, and that's what makes everything else happen in my life."

Miranda's other ACM win this year -- for Female Vocalist -- means she and hubby Blake Shelton once again have matching trophies, as he took home the Top Male Vocalist award. But there wasn't much time to celebrate their big wins, as Blake had to jump on a plane to Los Angeles for a live episode of 'The Voice' on Monday. When asked if she visits Blake for his big NBC gig in Tinsel Town, Miranda laughed and said, "I told him if he wanted me to come see him in Los Angeles, he'd have to get me a place with a pool and a yard for my dogs, and he did that so I guess I have to fly out there!"

She added that her groom will be taping 'The Voice' when their first wedding anniversary comes around, "So I guess I'll spend it at home with my dogs."

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