Old Crow Medicine Show took the stage at the 2015 Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony to perform their song '8 Dogs 8 Banjos.'

The bluegrass tune was inspired by the comics of Charles M. Schulz.

“Y’all read 'Peanuts'?” singer Ketch Secor asks. “You might remember one time that Linus was up to the blackboard, and he’s suggesting that the world would be a much happier place if every person in your family was given a dog and a banjo. Then he says to the teacher, ‘So, say you had a family of eight. That would be eight dogs and eight banjos.’

"I read that comic strip when I was about 18, and wrote that song, and that’s one of the only songs on the album that came from a long time ago," he adds. "We did a little work to it to kinda update it, but it’s pretty much the same song I wrote after I read the funny page that day in 1993.”

The Premiere Ceremony's host, Hunter Hayes, seemed to enjoy the energetic performance, saying, "That’s what I’m talking about! That’s energy!" after the band wrapped up.

OCMS guitarist Gill Landry is set to release a solo album on March 3, which will remind fans of Old Crow with an added touch of his personal sound and influences.

“This album, though holding to a few similar influences as Old Crow, is very much a departure as it is more of a personal journey, musically and lyrically,” Landry says. ”The characters in the songs -- some living, some dead -- are all pulled from my life. Some are very specific, and others relate to the wide range of both good and bad hearts I’ve had the pleasure of meeting over the years.

"I tried to write from a perspective in which there was no blame," he continues. "These songs are searchers looking for some semblance of truth in a shifting and messy landscape.”

Shortly after their performance, Old Crow Medicine Show took home the Grammy Award for Best Folk Album. See a full list of 2015 Grammy winners here.

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