Miranda Lambert takes a reflective, peaceful attitude toward life's tumultuous times with "Bluebird," the newest song to be released off her forthcoming new album, Wildcard. Lambert co-wrote the new tune with Luke Dick and Natalie Hemby. Press play above to listen!

"If the house just keeps on winnin' / I've got a wildcard up my sleeve," Lambert sings in the song's chorus, in a nod toward the new record's title. "And if love keeps givin' me lemons / I'll just mix 'em in my drink / And if the whole wide world stops singin' / And all the stars go dark / I'll keep a light on in my soul, keep a bluebird in my heart."

"Bluebird" is the fourth new song to be released off of Lambert's next album, following "Mess With My Head," "Locomotive" and the project's leading single, "It All Comes Out in the Wash."

So far, the new music has demonstrated quite a bit of experimentation, from the psychedelic pop-rock tendencies of "Mess With My Head" to the hard-rocking edge of "Locomotive." Amid a batch of new songs that play with genre boundaries, "Bluebird" may be the closest release yet to the country sound that fans associate with Lambert's musical style.

The singer says that she's hoping her new album -- due out Nov. 1 -- will foster connection. "When people listen to this record, I want them to know that I see them and hear them," she states in a press release. "I feel you, because I'm just a girl from East Texas, writing about all the things that go on in my world and in the worlds of people around me.

"I want people to get along, you know," she adds, "just be who you are, and move on from the moments you you couldn't live in."

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