Lucinda Williams says that she doesn't pay much heed to mainstream country music, but that it doesn't mean modern artists aren't talented.

"Oh, God, no. Are you kidding? No," she says to Rolling Stone. "It's not the lack of talent, necessarily. It's just the production on the albums -- I just can't stand it. There's that guy Jamey Johnson, he's amazing. He's great. And there's a handful of 'em."

Williams says that modern country uses the word "edgy" too often to describe artists who really aren't that different from everyone else in the industry.

"Some of these girls now, you hear about them, and somebody says, 'Oh, she's really different. She's really pushing the envelope and really edgy,' and all that. And I go, 'OK.' I listen to it, and I go, 'Really? This is edgy?'" she says. "It's like [the bassist] John Ciambotti once said: 'Country music today is like '70s rock without the cocaine.' You know? They need to come up with another name for it."

Williams is preparing to release her double album 'Where the Spirit Meets the Bone,' set to hit stores on Sept. 30.