Lucinda Williams is set to release a new double album this fall.

'Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone,' the singer's first release of new songs since 2011's 'Blessed,' will hit stores on Sept. 30.

“We went in the studio and recorded 35 new songs,” Williams tells the Tallahassee Democrat. “I’ve been learning how to write different styles of songs. The new stuff is going to blow you away.”

Twenty of those songs made it onto the two-disc record, which will be released on Williams' label, Highway 20 Records. One song on the album, 'Compassion,' is based on a poem by her father, Miller WIlliams.

“I found out it’s hard to take a poem and make it a song,” the singer says. “But now I think I figured out the formula. I repeated a lot lines, but I stayed true to the lyric.”

“I’ve matured as a writer,” she adds. “I’ve become more confident. I’m kind of spreading out a little.”

Lucinda Williams 'Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone' Track Listing:

Disc One:

1. 'Compassion'
2. 'Protection'
3. 'Burning Bridges'
4. 'East Side of Town'
5. 'West Memphis'
6. 'Cold Day in Hell'
7. 'Foolishness'
8. 'Wrong Number'
9. 'Stand Right by Each Other'
10. 'It’s Gonna Rain'

Disc Two:

1. 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'
2. 'Big Mess'
3. 'When I Look at the World'
4. 'Walk On'
5. 'Temporary Nature (Of Any Precious Thing)'
6. 'Everything But the Truth'
7. 'This Old Heartache'
8. 'Stowaway in Your Heart'
9. 'One More Day'
10. 'Magnolia'