Accomplished Americana singer-songwriter Lucinda Williams is set to release a brand-new album later this year. Good Souls Better Angels is due out on April 24.

Williams co-produced her new record her husband and manager, Tom Overby, along with engineer Ray Kennedy, who also worked on her highly acclaimed 1998 record Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. For this new batch of songs, Williams says she was inspired by those legendary songwriters who weren't afraid to examine the darker parts of life.

“The devil comes into play quite a bit on this album,” Williams says in a press release. “I’ve always loved the imagery in Robert Johnson songs and those really dark Delta blues that are sort of biblical. I was inspired by Leonard Cohen – he dealt with that in his songs – and Bob Dylan and Nick Cave.”

Williams recorded Good Souls Better Angels with her longtime band, including drummer Butch Norton, guitarist Stuart Mathis and bass player David Sutton. On the album, listeners will find Williams examining some of the most difficult and topical issues of our modern lives: She takes on the 24-hour news cycle on "Bad News Blues," looks at the perils of social media on "Shadows & Doubts" and shines a light on domestic abuse in "Wakin’ Up."

"Because of all this crap that’s going on, it’s on the top of everybody’s minds – it’s all anybody talks about: Basically, the world’s falling apart – it’s like the apocalypse," Williams continues. "That’s where that Old Testament stuff comes from. It’s different from my other albums in that there aren’t the story songs about my childhood and all. It feels exciting.”

Williams has not yet shared a full track listing or album cover for Good Souls Better Angels. The Boot will update this story when more details are available.

Good Souls Better Angels is Williams' first record since 2015's The Ghosts of Highway 20. One year earlier, she released Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone.

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