Lindi Ortega has released the song "Lovers in Love" ahead of the release of her upcoming three-part concept album, Liberty, due out March 30. Readers can press play above to hear the touching song.

Ortega dropped the romantic tune just in time for Valentine's Day. The tender waltz features the old-country harmonica styling of 76-year-old Country Music Hall of Fame member Charlie McCoy.

"Some lovers meet out on the street / They make out move in and move on / And there's ones like us / That can't get enough / With you is where I belong," Ortega croons in the first verse. "Some leave, some stay, when the going gets tough / That's the difference between lovers and lovers in love," she adds in the sentimental chorus.

The slow, swinging waltz rings true to the spaghetti Western theme of loss and resurrection that Ortega was pursuing on her fifth studio album. It's the last song on the second part of the collection, and a sweet ode to redemptive love just before her triumphant finish.

On Jan. 17, Ortega shared her rowdy first single from Liberty, "The Comeback Kid." Liberty takes a turn from Ortega's traditional country throwback style and taps into her Mexican roots. The artist says she created the album as a message of hope to others who are struggling through their own battles, and "Lovers in Love" delivers a hopeful romantic feeling.

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