Singer-songwriter Lindi Ortega has announced the release of a new concept album Liberty on March 30. Ortega wrote half of the 12 tracks on her fifth studio album, working with co-writers Aaron Raitiere, Bruce Wallace and John Paul White (formerly of the Civil Wars). Readers can press play above to watch a video trailer for the upcoming album.

Liberty is what the artist calls "a three-part concept album reflecting loss, seance, resurrection and freedom." The album ranges from the track "Pablo," inspired by her new husband Dan Huscroft and the character he adopted while performing with Ortega on Chris Stapleton's tour dates in Canada, to "Gracias a La Vida," which means "Thankful for the Life" and was written by Chilean composer Violetta Parra. Ortega says she created the album as a message of hope to others who are struggling through their own battles.

"Even though I always tried to have a silver lining, whether it's by making my songs tongue-in-cheek, or writing some dark lyrics to happy music, there's always been an element of balancing light and dark on my previous albums," Ortega says. "But this is a full story, and I want everybody to be able to take something away from it at the end of the day."

On Jan. 17, Ortega shared one of the tracks from Liberty, "The Comeback Kid." Check out the bluesy, brooding song by pressing play below.

Produced at Battle Tapes studio in East Nashville by Ortega and Skylar Wilson, Liberty takes a turn from Ortega's traditional country throwback style and taps into her Mexican roots. The album follows Ortega's release of an EP in March of 2017, 'Til the Going Gets Gone.

Lindi Ortega, Liberty Track Listing:

I. Through the Dust, Part I

1. "Afraid of the Dark"
2. "You Ain’t Foolin’ Me"
3. "Til My Dyin Day"
4. "Nothings Impossible"

II. Though the Dust, Part II

5. "The Comeback Kid"
6. "Darkness Be Gone"
7. "Forever Blue"
8. "In the Clear
9. "Pablo"
10. "Lovers in Love"

III. Through the Dust, Part III

11. "Liberty"
12. "Gracias a la Vida"

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