Lady AntebellumKris Kristofferson and Jason Isbell are on tap to perform on the next Skyville Live, on April 7.

The concert series debuted in January with an episode featuring Martina McBride, Gladys Knight and soul singer Estelle. The idea for the show was created at a bar a few doors down from Skyville, an artist development and publishing company, where up-and-coming acts were playing shows to small crowds. The bar only held about 100 people, and as the shows became more popular, the creator of the shows, Wally Wilson, started looking for ways to open them up to a bigger audience.

“In the early 1950s, history was made when a new method of television, devised by Ralph Edwards, was adapted by what would become a world-famous show called I Love Lucy,” Wilson says. “This pioneering effort consisted of using three cameras in front of a live studio audience for a television program, neither of which had been done before.

“The same is true today for Skyville Live,” he continues. “Never before has a live, network-quality television-style program been broadcast (streamed) exclusively to the internet in front of a studio audience featuring major national and international artists.”

Lady A and Isbell will perform their own music during the show, but they're also set to play some of Kristofferson's classic tunes in homage to the singer.

"We're quick to embrace opportunities like Skyville Live," Lady A's Dave Haywood says. "Helping kickstart a new and unique event, especially alongside an idol like Kristofferson, is a really great way for us to reach our fans across the world. Hopefully it'll give us a chance to make a few new ones too."

The web-only show hopes to bring artist from different genres together to give viewers a new experience. Knight says that she felt the strong collaborative nature of the show while taping the first episode.

"There's a wonderful spirit on this show," she tells Rolling Stone Country. "I’ve been on at least a thousand shows and at times the spirit of the shows doesn't come together. The spirit in this show is so beautiful and so warm. We don't compete. We perform together and support each other."

Skyville Live's episode featuring Lady Antebellum, Kristofferson and Isbell will stream live on the series' website.

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