Kip Moore has shared yet another song, "That Was Us," from his upcoming Wild Ones album. The tune was written by Moore, along with frequent co-writers Westin Davis and Dan Couch.

With reflective lines like, "We got high / We got stoned / If there was a fire, we got it on / If there was a backseat, we made love / That was then / That was us," the tune is part of Moore's sophomore record, which the Georgia native reveals he actually wrote twice.

“Because of “Dirt Road” stalling and me having more time than I thought, I scrapped the record and started over,” Moore explains. “The record was supposed to come out a year ago, and that stalled. And because I never stopped writing, my writing morphed into a whole ‘nother thing. I liked where the body of work was going, so I decided to make that the record.”

Still, in spite of the setbacks -- or perhaps because of them -- Moore says that the end result will be more than worth it.

“[It] is going to be a stronger record,” he maintains. “I love the other stuff I was doing, and I love this new stuff. The other stuff is going to find its way out at some point, but it just might not have fit with what this new record has become."

Wild Ones will be released on Friday (Aug. 21). In addition to his current, Top 20 single, "I'm to Blame," Moore has also shared "Magic," "Running for You," "That's Alright With Me" and the title track from the upcoming project. The record is available for pre-order on

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