If you don't like Kip Moore, he's perfectly fine with that. In fact, that's what one of his new tracks, "That's Alright With Me" is about. Moore makes no apologies for who he is, and the rockin' song is proof.

"I could give a s--t what anybody thinks or calls me," Moore tells Rolling Stone Country.

Take, for example, a photo that showed up on social media with Moore holding what appeared to be a joint.

"I got some texts and calls that this might not be a good look and that I might want to be careful about this," Moore recalls. "And basically, I said, 'First of all, it's not a joint. But if it were, I probably would have taken a toke of it.' I never want to hide who I am."

"That's Alright With Me" is a country-rock anthem that tells everyone that Moore is Moore: What you see is what you get, and he's not going to change for anyone. It's a theme the artist also explores in Wild Ones' lead single, "I'm to Blame."

"God knows I love women / Devil knows they make me weak / And I might find the right one and settle down in a little town / Or I might just stay wild and free," Moore sings in "That's Alright With Me." "And that's alright with me."

The song was co-written by Moore with Dan Couch and Luke Dick, and Moore's rough-hewn voice is by all means perfect for the track, which is country and rock all at once. For some, it may be too country, and for others, it may be too rock, but for Moore, it's just right.

"People are like, 'This ain't country,' or, 'You ain't country if you're surfing,'" reflects Moore. "I grew up in the sticks, fishing nonstop, and it's like, 'Well, what's the code you have to live by? Who said I can't learn to surf or broaden my horizons.' You can call me country, you can call me whatever you want."

"Call me country, call me hippie, the wildcat from Dixie / And if you do or don't like what you see / That's alright with me," he states in the new tune.

Moore recently revealed another song from his forthcoming record, Wild Ones"Magic" is all about the possibility of love. The new album is slated to street on Aug. 21, and the 35-year-old will hit the road for his 2015 Wild Ones Tour at the beginning of October.

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