Kip Moore has revealed a brand-new song called "Magic" from his forthcoming and highly anticipated sophomore record, Wild Ones.

The new tune's subject matter is a 180-degree difference from album's lead single, "I'm to Blame." "Magic" shows Moore as optimistic on the topic of love, exploring the feeling that maybe, just maybe, it can happen.

“I kind of got to thinking about the way love is constantly described on the radio as this fairytale and how that just isn’t real,” the singer tells Entertainment Weekly. “I’ve never really believed anybody who’s singing about that stuff — that’s where the opening lines, ‘I never believed in fairytales / Even when I was a kid / It sounded like another trick / To put us all to bed,’ come from — and I want to believe what I’m hearing and singing about.

"So we started with that concept," Moore adds, "and we spun it to where I’m finally feeling it, that magic, and wanting to believe its real, and not slip away.”

Moore co-penned the track with Westin Davis and Luke Dick. It's Southern rock with a big dose of sweetness; the juxtaposition of Moore's raspy vocals and the tender lyrics will make listeners want to sit up and listen closer -- and experience "magic," too.

"Now your hand does somethin' to my skin / Make me want you more and believe again," Moore admits in the lyrics. Later, in the chorus, he sings, "It's the way you look / When you want me close / When your head falls down / Raining glitter and gold / Oh give me some of that magic, magic."

Moore will kick off his headlining 2015 Wild Ones Tour on Oct. 8. Fans can pre-order Wild Ones (along with an exclusive merch package) now. It's set for release on Aug. 21.

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