Kip Moore's upcoming record, Wild Ones, streets at the end of August, and it's a project he's worked incredibly hard on -- so hard, in fact, that he wrote it twice.

After the album's original first single "Dirt Road" had a meager performance at radio, the singer's LP release date was pushed back. Originally, Moore's sophomore record was supposed to drop in May of 2014, and then in the fall, but in order for the label to release the album, Moore knew that he needed a single that could burn up the charts. So, he took the metaphorical lemons put in his path and made an ice-cold glass of lemonade.

"Because of "Dirt Road" stalling and me having more time than I thought, I scrapped the record and started over," Moore tells Rolling Stone Country. "The record was supposed to come out a year ago, and that stalled. And because I never stopped writing, my writing morphed into a whole 'nother thing. I liked where the body of work was going, so I decided to make that the record."

After all that writing, all of which happened on the road, Moore will soon be delivering Wild Ones, which is now set for release on Aug. 21. The process to get to the end product certainly wasn't easy, but the singer admits that he was able to let go and let the project happen organically.

"This was a very organic record," he says. "I just let the songs come to me. I didn't force anything, and it just kind of molded into a certain kind of thing. I think that it's gonna make you feel something, and that's all I can say."

Wild Ones features 13 tracks, all of which Moore co-wrote.

“[It] is going to be a stronger record,” Moore says. “I love the other stuff I was doing, and I love this new stuff. The other stuff is going to find its way out at some point, but it just might not have fit with what this new record has become.”

The 35-year-old is currently on the road with Dierks BentleyMaddie & Tae and Canaan Smith, for Bentley's 2015 Sounds of Summer Tour.

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