Kid Rock has invited his adored, oft-time duet partner, Sheryl Crow, to hit the road with him this summer for a string of 27 dates, beginning July 2 in Cincinnati and ending September 3 in Houston.

"We've been talking about doing something like this for a long time," the 'Born Free' singer tells Billboard. "You talk about things, and you never know if it's going to come to light, but we've always wanted to tour together."

And that's not all these two are wanting to do. They're also talking about putting out a special live album of the duets they'll perform throughout the tour.

"(We) have been wanting to do a live record together forever," Kid Rock reveals. "If we do our hits -- 'Picture' and, if the clouds align and it becomes [a hit], 'Collide' -- and we do some fun covers we've been doing throughout the years and throw them on an album, that'll be fun for people to hear."

Sheryl -- who joined Rock onstage in Detroit in January to help celebrate his 40th birthday with a three-song set that included tender duets and some close, romantic dancing -- says there's nothing she wouldn't do for her irrepressible pal, should he ask.

"Any day, any hour of the day or night, if he calls me I'm totally there," the newly-minted author of the cookbook, 'If it Makes You Healthy,' gushes. "I'm such a huge fan of his, and I love the guy. He's a great songwriter, and our collaboration together is always easy. It just works."

Following their crossover smash duet, 'Picture,' the duo's just-released duet 'Collide' is already a Top 5 video on CMT.

For a list of Kid Rock's Born Free summer tour dates with Sheryl, click here.

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